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Wall of Power Radio Hour

Charles Pierce – August 3, 2019

This is our 4th episode, which we call Checkpoint Charlie, with astute writer, blogger, author, and all around cool cat Mr. Charles Pierce. Mr. Pierce writes for Esquire.com and also appears regularly on MSNBC and CNN. It’s always fun chatting with Checkpoint Charlie!

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George Marinelli – September 15, 2018

On this week’s Wall of Power Radio Hour, host Paul Metsa, chats with guitarist George Marinelli from his home in Nashville.  George used to play with Bruce Hornsby and the Range, and now has been playing with Bonnie Raitt for 25 years. They chat about George’s background, love of music, and his new record Burn…

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Wall of Power Radio Hour – July 28, 2018

Paul Metsa had a great chat with author, liberal blogger for Esquire.com, and all around cool cat Charles Pierce. They talked about Charlie’s love of the Midwest, beer, politics, mutual acquaintances, muskie museums, his early influences, as well as his Presidential pick in 2020. A good time was had by all, and no animals were…

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Wall Of Power Radio Hour – July 21, 2018

Paul Metsa has a great chat with MN Senate Candidate Richard Painter and his wife Karen (also a professor at the UofMN.) They chatted about how they met, when they married, and moving around the country settling in to different jobs as they started raising a family. Karen teaches musicology and she spoke about the…

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Wall Of Power Radio Hour – July 7, 2018

Paul Metsa conducts a fascinating and fun interview with Pat Thomas (author, drummer, record producer, close personal friend of Syd Straw’s) about his great new 5 freakin’ pound book, “Did It! From Yippie to Yuppie: Jerry Rubin, An American Revolutionary. To trying to levitate the Pentagon with Allen Ginsberg, founding the Yippies with Abbie Hoffman,…

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Wall Of Power Radio Hour – April 28, 2018 – Bill Sullivan

Bill Sullivan is taking an insider’s look back at when the band were at their creative (and destructive) peak. Sullivan, the co-owner of the 400 Bar with his brother Tom, began serving as an unpaid, self-described “driver/gopher” during the Replacements’ East Coast tour in 1983.

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