Thanks to everyone who became a member of AM950 over the past four years! Your support has allowed us to remain one of the few progressive talk radio stations in the country. And as our way to say “thanks,” we have a few gifts!

The first gift is the official 2024 AM950 Radio Calendar. It features photos Matt McNeil took during his adventures in 2023 plus important dates in both progressive and AM950 history.

And new this year is the AM950 tote bag, perfect for carrying things from the store and to save some money on grocery store bag fees!

Plus we have one more even bigger bonus: A membership level where you'll get an invitation to AM950's winter meet and greet (date/time/location TBA) that will feature Matt McNeil and other AM950 hosts and staff.

Below are the ways you can get the AM950 calendar as a "thank you" for becoming a member:

Below are the ways you can get the AM950 Calendar AND the AM950 tote bag as a "thank you" for becoming a member:

Below are the ways you can get EVERYTHING -  the AM950 Calendar, the AM950 tote bag and an invitation to our winter meet and greet as a "thank you" for becoming a member:

If you have any questions or concerns please email or call 952-946-8885. And thanks for continuing to support AM950 and independent progressive media!

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As we head into one of the most consequential election cycles of our time, it’s more important than ever to keep AM950 coming into your home, work, or wherever you may be. We’re one of the few progressive talk stations in the country. Your connection to AM950 is not just about tuning in; it's about amplifying progressive voices in a sea of right wing radio throughout the country.

AM950 would love to keep giving you the best in progressive talk like Thom Hartmann, Stephanie Miller, Brad Friedman, our local hosts, Matt and Robert and more! To do this, AM950 needs your financial support now.

So become a member and help keep progressive talk on the airwaves. You can even get an AM950 calendar and tote bag as a "thank you!"