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Wokie Daboh With Project Blackboard And The Census And Same Sex Couples

Interview: Wokie Daboh with Project Blackboard re: rehabilitating an elementary-junior high school in Liberia; Odds & Ends, the 2020 census will count same sex couples and a review/recommendation of Love, Simon; Human is Human, the need for Crisis Connection to survive as a suicide protection hotline.

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Arin Greenwood On Police Shootings Of Dogs

Interview: Arin Greenwood on the estimated 10,000 police-involved dog shootings in the U.S. every year; Odds & Ends, the lack of diversity in the Trump/Pence White House; Human is Human, housing as a human right and Washington State is doing to combat homelessness, including the use of Tiny Houses (and an update on Todd Feske/A…

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Don Samuels With Microgrants And The Minneapolis School Board

Interview: Don Samuels with Microgrants and the Minneapolis School Board to discuss the challenges facing marginalized communities in Minnesota. Human is Human, Ellie talked about how as a white person, she can talk about the need to advocate for people of color, whereas our society doesn’t easily permit persons of color to advocate for themselves.

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Claire Wilson of the Dep. of Human Services Discussing the Opioid Epidemic (3/25/18)

Live Show with Claire Wilson, Ass’t Commissioner of the MN Dept. of Human Services, and Antony Stately, PhD, with the Native American Community Clinic in Minneapolis to discuss the opioid epidemic in MN and steps the state is taking to help people with opioid addictions and their loved ones.

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Steve Patton Community Health Specialist (3/18/18)

Interview: Steve Patton, Community Health Specialist working to help humans survive the Human Condition; Odds & Ends, Michelle Obama’s official portrait inspires a two year old girl and a survey of elementary school children reveals great compassion and empathy; Human is Human, something good comes out of a tragedy: Philando Feeds the Children pays off…

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Hidden Edges Radio – James Lekatz of the Interact Center (1/21/18)

Guest: James Lekatz, Performing Arts Instructor Grit and Resiliency Tips: Interact Center employs mainly performing artists with disabilities; a company of approximately 35 is paid both for performances and rehearsals. The artists live with physical and/or emotional disabilities; James spoke of how many of the artists have found “their voice” through theater after years of…

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Hidden Edges Radio – Delano, MN Coming Together To Face Racism Head – On (1/7/18)

Guest: Dale Graunke, Mayor of Delano Grit and Resiliency Tips: As Delano dealt with a racism incident that impacted a family of color, Dale advises that the town learned the value of giving everyone a voice.   Quick Summary: In March 2017, someone broke into the home of one of the few families of color…

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Hidden Edges Radio – Trans United Fund: Empowering Transgender Political Candidates (12/24/17)

Our interview of the Trans United Front was the first for a MN-based media organization and highlighted the value of a specific affinity group (transgender humans) being intentional about working to put group members into elected office. A portion of the interview centered on the hotly contested election that Danica Roem won, which unseated a man (who self-described as “Virginia’s homophobe-in-chief”) who had held that seat for more than 20 years.

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Hidden Edges Radio – Iris Perez: A Role Model For Minnesota Latinas (12/17/17)

Iris Perez has lived in the Twin Cities since 2012, when she moved from Detroit to take a job with Fox 9 news. She is of Puerto Rican descent and is one of the relatively few visible Latinas working in the broader range of Twin Cities media. Our H.E.R. interview highlighted that Iris is a dynamic woman whose leadership off the screen is as important as her role modeling on the screen.

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