Hidden Edges Radio – Delano, MN Coming Together To Face Racism Head – On (1/7/18)

Guest: Dale Graunke, Mayor of Delano

Grit and Resiliency Tips: As Delano dealt with a racism incident that impacted a family of color, Dale advises that the town learned the value of giving everyone a voice.


Quick Summary: In March 2017, someone broke into the home of one of the few families of color in Delano. The perpetrator trashed the home, took some belongings, and sprayed Nazi swastikas and hateful words on the home’s interior and exterior walls. The incident trigged an amazing community reaction—a vigil in support of the family shortly thereafter attracted 1,000 of the town’s 6000 residents (only 100-200 people had been expected to attend). From there the community created a Task Force to address issues about diversity and inclusion; later, the Department of Justice offered its support. Delano demonstrates how a community can move from an incident of intolerance to one of unity; Mayor Graunke is also the kind of leader needed for such movement—he’s compassionate, articulate, and determined. A true hero!