Hidden Edges Radio – Iris Perez: A Role Model For Minnesota Latinas (12/17/17)

Guest: Iris Perez, Fox 9 News Journalist

Grit and Resiliency Tips: Having courage to travel to a new place where you don’t know anyone. My biggest challenge was leaving Detroit (where I grew up and have family) to come to the Twin Cities to work for Fox 9. However, it grew me as a person and as a journalist. Also, much goes on behind the scenes of any organization; to be fearless means continuing forward despite fear and self-doubt.

Best Quote: “Showing up is the hardest part.”

Quick Summary: Iris Perez has lived in the Twin Cities since 2012, when she moved from Detroit to take a job with Fox 9 news. She is of Puerto Rican descent and is one of the relatively few visible Latinas working in the broader range of Twin Cities media. Our H.E.R. interview highlighted that Iris is a dynamic woman whose leadership off the screen is as important as her role modeling on the screen.