Hidden Edges Radio – Trans United Fund: Empowering Transgender Political Candidates (12/24/17)

Guest: Daye Pope, TUF Organizational Director

Grit and Resiliency Tips: The TUF is only 18 months old and yet, has been able to fund 3 the successful campaigns of three transgender persons seeking elected office. To do so took reaching out to many people from a variety of standings and a relentless belief in the value of what TUF was seeking to accomplish.

Best Quote: One of the candidates that the TUF supported was Danica Roem, who was elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. Danica’s opponent consistently misgendered her (e.g. referred to Danica as “he” and “him”) during the campaign. Daye recalled a quote from Danica, “I’m not running on my gender and I’m not running away from it, either.”

Quick Summary: Our interview of the Trans United Front was the first for a MN-based media organization and highlighted the value of a specific affinity group (transgender humans) being intentional about working to put group members into elected office. A portion of the interview centered on the hotly contested election that Danica Roem won, which unseated a man (who self-described as “Virginia’s homophobe-in-chief”) who had held that seat for more than 20 years.