Hidden Edges Radio – James Lekatz of the Interact Center (1/21/18)

Guest: James Lekatz, Performing Arts Instructor

Grit and Resiliency Tips: Interact Center employs mainly performing artists with disabilities; a company of approximately 35 is paid both for performances and rehearsals. The artists live with physical and/or emotional disabilities; James spoke of how many of the artists have found “their voice” through theater after years of feeling as if they had no purpose or hope for integration into greater society.

Best Quote: “We help people find their voice.”

Quick Summary: The Interact Center is a unique theater organization in the Twin Cities that is relatively unknown, even though it’s doing incredible work by employing and paying artists with disabilities. From an inclusivity standpoint, Interact breaks through stereotypes and offers audience members a new impression of what it means to live (and thrive) with a disability. James Lekatz is extremely passionate about Interact and its artists—that passion is contagious and reinforces the notion that change can only come via people who truly believe in the power of the human spirit.