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The Matt McNeil Show

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Matt McNeil is a proud Minnesotan, on live weekdays from 4pm to 6pm. Matt has been living most of his life in the state of his birth. He's a husband, a father of three, a veteran, and a broadcaster. He's worked in radio for over 25 years, starting with Armed Forces Radio in Nuremberg, Germany. He currently lives in Hopkins.

On his show Matt talks politics from a Democrat/Progressive perspective, but he'll also venture into parenting, religion, entertainment, sports, gardening, business, cooking, and many other subjects. He interviews politicians, political insiders, authors, pundits, entertainers, and artists, and loves talking to the listeners.

Besides being on air, you can read his thoughts at the 'Progressive Citizen X' blog.

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The Matt McNeil Show – August 31, 2021

Brett Johnson Interviews Aaron Brown

Brett Johnson speaks with Aaron Brown of Minnesota Brown about an editorial he wrote in the Minnesota Reformer about the past, present and future of labor in northern Minnesota and the Iron Range.

Matt McNeil Speaks with Bonnie Bina and John Peters

Matt McNeil speaks with Bonnie Bina, chair of the Douglas County DFL and John Peters, 2020 DFL state Senate opponent of Paul Gazelka. They discuss a fundraiser for rural DFLers this Saturday from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM at Alexandria City Park with Governor Tim Walz as one of the speakers. Find more info at:…

The Matt McNeil Show – August 30, 2021

Hour 1 segment 1: Matt and his family face a dilemma on whether to repair the kids car or get a new one. Fake conservative outrage about Afghanistan. Hour 1 segment 2: How conservatives are easily able to manipulate major media outlets. Hour 1 segment 3: The MN COVID-19 update. Minnesota despite having an outbreak…

Matt Interviews MN State Auditor Julie Blaha (8/30/21)

We’re joined by state auditor Julie Blaha. We discuss Blaha’s experience at the state fair, reforming the way Minnesota does small asset forfeiture, her thoughts on COVID from a numbers and data perspective and more!

The Matt McNeil Show – August 27, 2021

Hour 1 segment 1: Matt has some stories about moving his son Charlie into his first apartment at the University of Minnesota. Turnout at the Minnesota State Fair appears to be down. Salon has an excellent breakdown of the mess that is the Minnesota Republican Party. Hour 1 segment 2: More on the Salon story…

Matt McNeil Interviews Jay Boller of the Racket (8/27/21)

We’re joined by Jay Boller, co-editor and co-founder of the new Minnesota news site, the Racket ( Many former City Pages journalists are behind the efforts of the Racket. We talk about some of their recent stories, including one about fake abortion clinics in Minnesota.

The Matt McNeil Show – August 26, 2021

Hour 1 segment 1: We finally got rain! How outgoing Republican presidents typically leave  policy traps for their Democratic successors. Can Republicans really play the blame game after Trump abandoned our Kurdish allies? The MN COVID-19 update. An update of the fires in northern Minnesota. Hour 1 segment 2: MN state senators led by Mary…

Matt McNeil Interviews Sven Sundgaard (8/26/21)

Matt is joined by meteorologist Sven Sundgaard of Bring Me the News. They discuss today’s quick moving heavy rain storm, how the heavy rain actually led to some wildfire smoke in the Twin Cities, more storms on the way Friday and Saturday, drought conditions throughout Minnesota, and the warmest summer ever on record in Minnesota…

Matt McNeil Interviews Jack Rice (8/26/21)

Matt is joined by Jack Rice to talk about today’s suicide bombing attack in Afghanistan. They discuss the intelligence community, inner power struggles within Afghanistan, whether we can get all of the Americans (and allies) out of Afghanistan, America’s history of nation building and more.