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The Matt McNeil Show

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Matt McNeil is a proud Minnesotan, on live weekdays from 4pm to 6pm. Matt has been living most of his life in the state of his birth. He's a husband, a father of three, a veteran, and a broadcaster. He's worked in radio for over 25 years, starting with Armed Forces Radio in Nuremberg, Germany. He currently lives in Hopkins.

On his show Matt talks politics from a Democrat/Progressive perspective, but he'll also venture into parenting, religion, entertainment, sports, gardening, business, cooking, and many other subjects. He interviews politicians, political insiders, authors, pundits, entertainers, and artists, and loves talking to the listeners.

Besides being on air, you can read his thoughts at the 'Progressive Citizen X' blog.

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The Matt McNeil Show – March 4 2021

What 1-2 movie and sequel is the best?; Insurrectionist unhappy with being in jail; the death of journalism in America with today’s Biden press conference; the feeling of apprehension hanging over the metro and especially Minneapolis itself heading into the trial and the white privilege that clouds the entire ordeal; COVID updates; Republicans push bans…

Sven Sundgaard With Matt – March 4, 2021

The Matt McNeil Show – March 3, 2021

Hour 1 segments 1/2: Warm weather returns! Minnesota Republicans still refuse to give Minneapolis $35 million for security costs with the Derek Chauvin trial. That despite rural Republican areas taking in more tax money than they pay. Matt has an idea to play hardball with Republicans on the issue. Hour 1 segments 3/4: Jeff Stein…

Jeff Stein with Matt McNeil (3/3/21)

Jeff Stein joins Matt to talk about March 4th being the next date right wing conspiracy theorists might try another capitol attack like event. Also predictions on how the Congressional votes will breakdown on the stimulus bill and the idiotic actions by Texas Governor Greg Abbott on eliminating all COVID restrictions.

The Matt McNeil Show – March 2, 2021

A scandal with a popular pet flea/tick collar causing thousands of pet deaths and injuries and even causing harm to humans; Matt discusses conservative criticism of cancel culture; Dr. Seuss’s estate/publishing company announces the discontinuation of several of his works and the fury of Republicans; Brett and Matt discuss COVID and high school sports; Minnesota…

The Matt McNeil Show – March 1, 2021

Matt talks about CPAC and the attitude of out-state MN lawmakers toward the Twin Cities.

The Matt McNeil Show – February 26, 2021

Coronavirus update – Hill-Murray girls’ hockey on pause after three players continued playing despite showing symptoms and worse, attended school while sick – rampant spread in gym settings – HyVee pharmacies improperly diluted vaccines; delays in the federal money for SW LRT; update from CPAC and the “Golden Calves” Statue; Brad Friedman of the Bradcast…

The Matt McNeil Show – February 25, 2021

Hour 1: Fish fries are back! More about redistricting and how metro-based Democrats are likely to gain seats while rural-based Republicans are likely to use seats. Several local media outlets are finally beginning to talk about how Minneapolis and the metro area are subsidizing rural Minnesota. And restaurant delivery apps charge restaurants enormous fees. Order…

The Matt McNeil Show – February 24, 2021

Hour 1 segments 1/2: Matt tells us about a new feature at Rudy Luther Toyota that will help when you take your car in for service. He also tells us about his radio background including working for a station that covered Iowa State and some of the issues the school has had with alcohol. Hour…

The Matt McNeil Show – February 23, 2021

Update on Tiger Woods’ car crash; Senate hearings on the January riots begin; Republicans blame Antifa entirely for the January attack which goes against everything known about those who have been arrested; Cliff Schecter pays another visit to the show; how to get rural support back for Democrats; Pat Garofalo wants to cap Minneapolis city…