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The Matt McNeil Show

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Matt McNeil is a proud Minnesotan, on live weekdays from 3pm to 4pm. Matt has been living most of his life in the state of his birth. He's a husband, a father of three, a veteran, and a broadcaster. He's worked in radio for over 25 years, starting with Armed Forces Radio in Nuremberg, Germany. He currently lives in Hopkins.

On his show Matt talks politics from a Democrat/Progressive perspective, but he'll also venture into parenting, religion, entertainment, sports, gardening, business, cooking, and many other subjects. He interviews politicians, political insiders, authors, pundits, entertainers, and artists, and loves talking to the listeners.

Besides being on air, you can read his thoughts at the 'Progressive Citizen X' blog.

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The Matt McNeil Show – March 3, 2020

It’s Super Tuesday and there was an incident at the Secretary of State’s office with the poll finder and redirecting voters to a partisan website. Matt doesn’t downplay the possible implications of this potentially disastrous incident. Also, coronavirus continues to spread through the United States.

The Matt McNeil Show – March 2, 2020

Today on the show, Matt talks with Elizabeth Warren surrogate, Lisa Bender, and Bernie Sanders surrogate, Jeff Weaver. Matt offered a chance for every campaign to have some time and these two responded. Matt also talks about Amy Klobuchar dropping out of the race.

The Matt McNeil Show – 02.28.2020

The Matt McNeil Show – 02.27.2020

Matt opens today’s show with a look at the disastrous stock market crash. Why does Pence’s Coronavirus team consist almost exclusively of people involved in finance? A good school is no replacement for good parenting. Republicans continue to hold off on the emergency insulin act hoping to elicit more “contributions.” In the final segment Matt…

The Matt McNeil Show – 02.26.2020

Today’s show opens with Matt voicing his excitement over Ash Wednesday and the begining of Fish-Fry Fridays. Star Tribune tries to bury polls that show most of the state is not in favor of various right wing policies. A look at the caucus proposals from last night. Later in the show Jeff Stein joins Matt…

The Matt McNeil Show – February 25, 2020

It’s Caucus Night in Minnesota and Matt is graciously joined by MN Secretary of State Steve Simon to discuss the evening’s events. Matt also has a conversation with Cliff Schecter about the Democratic presidential candidate field.

The Matt McNeil Show – February 24, 2020

Today on the show, Matt recaps the 2020 Blue State Ball and thanks everyone for attending! He then calls out the 1980 US Olympic hockey team for supporting Trump at a political rally, wishes Minnesota’s 7th congressional district a hearty farewell, and finishes by reminding unions that Republicans are NOT working for them.

The Matt McNeil Show – 02.21.2020

Ilhan Omar pushes for an investigation into the now infamous "car-fire" North of Minneapolis. Danielle Stella is the physical embodiment of Yakkety-Sax. Matt cooks up a grift to solicit conservative donations with TURD (Trump Usurps Republican Doctrine). Trump ignores the pleas of the CDC by bringing 14 US citizens infected with the Coronavirus home.

The Matt McNeil Show – 02.20.2020

Today’s episode of The Matt McNeil Show is 2 hours! Beginning with a look at how the the Civil War is being taught today versus how it was portrayed in the past. Hopkins experienced decades of economic damage as a result of greedy business practices. Jim Hagedorn has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer but…

The Matt McNeil Show – 02.19.2020

On today’s Matt McNeil, a car fire rages on! Will cheating be punished or will it be ignored, the MLB will have to decide. Later in the show Jeff Stein joins Matt to talk about Bloomberg’s opportunity to attack Sanders.