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The Matt McNeil Show

The Matt McNeil Show

Monday-Friday 3PM-4PM

Matt McNeil is a proud Minnesotan, on live weekdays from 3pm to 4pm. Matt has been living most of his life in the state of his birth. He's a husband, a father of three, a veteran, and a broadcaster. He's worked in radio for over 25 years, starting with Armed Forces Radio in Nuremberg, Germany. He currently lives in Hopkins.

On his show Matt talks politics from a Democrat/Progressive perspective, but he'll also venture into parenting, religion, entertainment, sports, gardening, business, cooking, and many other subjects. He interviews politicians, political insiders, authors, pundits, entertainers, and artists, and loves talking to the listeners.

Besides being on air, you can read his thoughts at the 'Progressive Citizen X' blog.

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The Matt McNeil Show – September 17, 2019

Matt starts today’s show by talking to Jack Rice about the international impacts of the bombings of Saudi oil fields over the weekend and the Israeli elections. Also there was an e Coli outbreak at the state fair. Why Democrats can’t go “halfway” on impeachment. And Trump wants to stop some foreign absentee ballots.

The Matt McNeil Show – September 16, 2019

Today on the show, Matt talks about the abundance of alcohol ads and drinks in our country and he compares the Trump presidency to the history of some of the nation’s worst presidents.

The Matt McNeil Show – September 13, 2019

Matt’s debate run down. How did Biden do? How did Bernie do? Who won the debate? Find out!

The Matt McNeil Show – September 12, 2019

On today’s show Matt previews tonight’s Democratic primary debate. He talks about which candidate could shine and which need to do more work. Then he talks about all the lies Trump has made about his experiences on 9/11.

The Matt McNeil Show – September 11, 2019

On Today’s episode of The Matt McNeil Show Matt discusses his thoughts on Republicans using 9/11 to try to shoehorn political points into conversations that should remain apolitical and he goes into what caused this political divide in 1994. Drama in the White House continues over supposed firing threats surrounding weather forecasts. Republicans are up…

The Matt McNeil Show – September 10, 2019

Trump fires national security adviser John Bolton. Trump send money to border wall instead of military families. Colin Peterson vs Michelle Fischbach predictions.

The Matt McNeil Show – September 9, 2019

Today on the Matt McNeil show, Matt talks about scared Republicans running away from primaries vs Trump. He also addresses yet another tragic police killing of a minority in the Twin cities. And he finishes up by reminding us all how the Trump administration continues to shun the local agriculture industry.

The Matt McNeil Show – September 6, 2019

Vaping has been causing a surge of hospitalizations The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration, and other state officials also updated reporters Friday on investigations into cases of pulmonary disease among people who use e-cigarettes. So far, the CDC said 450 cases of vaping-related lung illnesses in 33 states and…

The Matt McNeil Show – September 5, 2019

On Today’s episode of The Matt McNeil Show, Matt speaks with Kirk Duckwall (House Geeks Real Estate Show, AM 950 @ 12pm Sunday)to discuss Matt’s fears regarding a possible upcoming housing crisis. Is Trump’s infamous Sharpie’d hurricane map indicative of a larger problem? 8 year old is strip searched by school officials. High school coaches…

The Matt McNeil Show – September 4, 2019

On today’s episode of the Matt McNeil Show, Matt explores the misdirection of farm relief for Trump’s tariff fiasco towards those least in need. The Charlemagne Institute has an interesting code word for Hitler(“our friend”) to use when discussing their ever so precious JUDEO-Christian values. Jeff Stein joins the show during the second hour to…