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Minnesota Progressive Repartee

Minnesota Progressive Repartee

Weekdays 4-5PM

It's our daily repartee from 4-5 PM. What does repartee mean? Conversation or speech characterized by quick, witty comments or replies. It's progressive radio without the pledge drives or tote bags!

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Local Minnesota Radio Hour – December 28, 2018

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – December 27, 2018

Erik and Hunter

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – December 26, 2018

Doug does a live broadcast from Chocolat Celeste! Visit the boutique: 652 Transfer Road, Suite 16A Saint Paul MN 55114 Phone: 651-644-3823 or 877-644-3823 Email: mary@chocolatceleste.com Hours: Monday through Friday: 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM Saturday: 10 AM to 5 PM Sunday: Noon to 4 PM

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – December 21, 2018

Doug Pagitt and Hunter Hawes recap Doug’s recent appearance on The Jessie Lee Peterson the Trump loving peculiar Nationally Syndicated Talk Radio Host. Then the news of the week quiz. Astrophysicist Paul Wallace joins.

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – December 20, 2018

Hunter hosts today’s show and replays part of Doug Pagitt’s “interview” with nationally syndicated conservative talk show host Jesse Lee Peterson. Hunter and Brett discuss what “beta male” actually means (which is one of Jesse’s favorite insults). Plus gift ideas for your Trump supporting MAGA relatives. Then on a more serious note how legacy media…

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – December 19, 2018

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – December 18, 2018

U of M has a new President named, Joan Gabel. Health Care and an interesting proposal from our own Doug Paggitt on a step to Single Payer. Also Amy Klobuchar popularity skyrocketing in Iowa for 2020 Presidential aspirations.

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – December 17, 2018

Doug Pagitt talks about why we’re on the verge of having yet another government shut down. Also your calls on a Texas judge ruling Obamacare unconstitutional. And Doug has an interesting proposal on a new plan for universal healthcare. Then Collin Peterson says he doesn’t “know a damn thing” about the war in Yemen.

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – December 12, 2018

Doug talks about how the endless Trump legal problems are distracting from how terrible he’s been on policy issues. Also Randy in Coon Rapids says everything is a witch hunt (ugh) and callers respond. Also news on the farm bill, the Wisconsin GOP-Scott Walker power grab, and the news quiz Doug and Brett take.

Local Minnesota Radio Hour – December 13, 2018

Erik & Hunter