AM950 Best of Interviews

AM950 Best of Interviews

Best of Interviews - AM950 The Progressive Voice of Minnesota
Best of Interviews - AM950 The Progressive Voice of Minnesota

Best of Interviews - AM950 The Progressive Voice of Minnesota

Patrick Coolican with Brett 7-9-24

Patrick Coolican is the Editor-in-Chief at the Minnesota Reformer and joins Brett every Tuesday at 4:15 to discuss the latest local and national stories.

Dr. Joe Eastman with Matt – July 9, 2024

Dr. Joe Eastman is an expert disease analyst and modeler who makes frequent appearances on the Matt McNeil Show to discuss COVID and other disease spreads.

JP Der Boghossian with Matt – July 8, 2024

JP Der Boghossian is the host of This Queer Book Saved My Life and The Gaily Show, which air Saturday afternoons on AM950.

Max Nesterak with Brett – July 2, 2024

Max Nesterak is the deputy editor at the Minnesota Reformer.

Paul Niland with Matt: 7-2-24

Paul and Matt resume yesterday’s conversation. You can find more about Lifeline Ukraine at

Cliff Schecter with Matt – July 2, 2024

Cliff joins Matt to give his reaction to yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling.

Paul Niland with Matt – July 1, 2024

Paul is a businessman, writer, and political commentator. His passion for Ukraine stems from his involvement in the revolutions of 2004/5 and 2013/4, and his writings about Ukraine are often focused on helping the international community better understand the reasons for and background behind the ongoing war in the Donbas, as well as Ukraine in…

Ann Johnson Stewart with Matt – June 27, 2024

Former State Sen. Ann Johnson Stewart is returning to politics to run in the special election for State Senate District 45 in November, with the primary in August.

Jeff Stein with Matt – June 26, 2924

Catch Jeff Stein of KXEL/Waterloo with Matt every Wednesday at 3:30.

Patrick Coolican with Brett – June 25, 2024