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AM950 Best of Interviews

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Sven Sundgaard with Matt – May 6, 2021

Todd Mikkelson With Erin Murphy – May 5, 2021

Todd Mikkelson With Susan Kent – April 30, 2021

Todd Mikkelson With Kelly Morrison – April 30 2021

Matt McNeil with Sven Sundgaard (4/29/21)

Meteorologist Sven Sundgaard of Bring Me the News joins to talk about how young owls grow up (and sometimes fall from trees), loons in Wisconsin falling out of the sky because their wings were freezing, when we can expect a consistent warm up in Minnesota and more!

Jeff Stein with Matt – April 28, 2021

Corinna Turbes with Matt – April 26, 2021

Sven Sundgaard with Matt – April 22 2021

Santita Jackson with Matt – April 22, 2021

Matt McNeil with Cliff Schecter 4/21/21

Cliff Schecter joins to talk about the Derek Chauvin verdict, a tragic police shooting of a black teenage girl in Columbus, OH, and conservative media trying to blame her for the shooting.