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AM950 Best of Interviews

AM950 Best of Interviews

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Jeff Stein (Matt McNeil Show 10/23/2019)

Cliff Schecter (Matt McNeil Show 10.17.2019)

Jack Rice (Matt McNeil Show 10/14/2019)

Jack Rice (Matt McNeil Show 10/10/2019)

Jeff Stein (Matt McNeil Show 10/09/2019)

Peter Callahan of MinnPost (10/2/19)

Brett Johnson speaks with Peter Callahan of MinnPost. They discuss a couple of topics: the prospects of a special session and compromise on emergency insulin funding. And how the “Farmer Labor” part of “DFL” got to be in the party.

Quinn Nystrom (Matt McNeil Show 10/03/2019)

Anat Shenker-Osorio (Matt McNeil Show 10/01/2019)

Jeff Stein (Matt McNeil Show 09/25/2019)

Cliff Schecter (Matt McNeil Show 09/24/2019)