Minuteman Press Uptown

Minuteman Press Uptown’s vision is to produce quality print products in an ethical manner. We are a proud union shop printing for individuals, businesses, nonprofits, and political campaigns.

Frank runs his business according to his values. He is an activist in the community and works for racial, social, and economic justice. MP Uptown pays their employees a livable wage and also gives paid sick and safe time. MP Uptown also understands how difficult the world can be for people on the fringes of society. Here at MP Uptown we believe in second chances and hire people with records to show that these people are productive citizens. At MP Uptown we believe that every human being can change. It is our Social Mission to give people with records a chance.

4024 Washington Ave North
Minneapolis, MN 55412
Phone: 612-870-0777
Cell: 612-743-7653
Fax: 612-870-9121
Email: fbrown@minutemanpress.com
Website:  www.MPUptown.com


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