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The Mike McIntee Show – November 28, 2017

Jenny Rowland joins Mike to talk the anti-parks caucus. The Washington Post is tricked by a group of online trolls to discredit the mainstream media on Roy Moore. The journalist is cool as a cucumber as they listen to the troll’s farfetch’d story. Mike is bothered by people trying to bait the media. The right wing…

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The Matt McNeil Show – November 28, 2017

Matt talks with Hunter about yesterday’s interview with travel expert Shayla Christine and how the two went to High School together. The difference between old fashion “Holidazzle” style Christmas lights and today’s Chinese made budget lights that break easily. Matt recaps Trumps blunders including calling Senator Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” because of her heritage. Why did…

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The Mike McIntee Show – October 30, 2017

Manafort Monday continues as Mike speaks with Ali Watkins, National Security Correspondent with Politico, about the fallout of the indictments of Manafort and Gates and the guilty plea of Papadopoulos. Also a conservation with St. Paul Green Party mayoral candidate Elizabeth Dickinson.

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