The Mike McIntee Show – November 28, 2017

Jenny Rowland joins Mike to talk the anti-parks caucus. The Washington Post is tricked by a group of online trolls to discredit the mainstream media on Roy Moore. The journalist is cool as a cucumber as they listen to the troll’s farfetch’d story. Mike is bothered by people trying to bait the media. The right wing continues to push the narritive that the media is biased to the left. Laurence from St. Paul calls and says the media is in search of “confirmation not affirmation.” Katherine Gallagher Robbins is the director of family policy for the Poverty to Prosperity Program at American Progress who joins program to talk why the estate tax hurts charitable giving. *a side note before this interview the song “P.E.P.E. – Shadilay [Italian Version] is played. The song is an anthem to the alt-right trolls because the coincidences between the album art and title to Pepe the Frog.*  The estate tax creates dynasties and hurts small business by having the ultra rich avoid paying taxes. North Korea tested their most high powered nuclear bomb today, only days after their 6th nuclear test. As nuclear tensions between North Korea and the United States grow, officials in Hawaii are walking a delicate line — planning for a catastrophe while assuring residents and tourists alike that they can keep sipping beverages from coconuts without alarm. Minneapolis has a recount in ward 6. According to unofficial results, incumbent 6th Ward council member Abdi Warsame won re-election with slightly more than half the votes cast. At 43 percent, voter turnout in Minneapolis was unusually high for an election with no statewide candidates on the ballot. Mike contacted the campaign to ask what voter data they are talking about, hear the results at 48:00. The mayor of Woodberry has became the first republican women to run for Governor of Minnesota. Check out the Uptakes coverage of the GOP Governor debate from last night. For the first time in the ceremony’s six-decade history, a woman and people of color have squeezed the Recording Academy’s go-to demographic from among the principal artists in contention for album of the year, the flagship category in nominations announced Tuesday for the 60th annual Grammy’s. However, for Coco, Disney  added a 21-minute ‘short’ titled Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, which essentially serves as an extended advertisement for the upcoming Frozen sequel. Cinema-goers not expecting to sit through over 20 minutes of Frozen footage have been annoyed to say the least.