The Matt McNeil Show – May 16, 2019

What does your cat do when it goes outdoors?

The question may linger in the mind of anyone who has an outdoor cat, and the answer has become quite a bit clearer in the age of YouTube and GoPro cameras. It’s not a pretty picture, though—just take it from this 2013 New York Times headline: “That Cuddly Kitty is Deadlier Than You Think.” An alarming study cited in that piece estimates that cats kill about 2.4 billion birds and 12.3 billion mammals each year in the United States.

A woman in Oklahoma who was fired for allegedly showing up to work intoxicated ended up getting arrested Tuesday after reportedly assaulting her boss with billiard balls. Ashley Priola, 26, showed up intoxicated to the Red Dog Saloon but was given permission to work and dance on stage until things took a turn for the worse, her manager told the police. The manager then fired Priola for coming to work intoxicated after she fell twice on stage, FOX25 reported. Once the 26-year-old was fired, witnesses told police she grabbed a billiard ball and threw it at her manager, striking her in the face.

Pro-life argument dissected. Matt is personally against abortion but pro-choice and feels that pro-lifers are hypocrites. How can you be pro-life and for war, guns, the death penalty, and poverty.