Ep. 23: You Were Born Perfect with Dr. Erika Way from Beyond Chiropractic

“Exploring Sovereignty with Elizabeth interviews Dr. Erika Way from Beyond Chiropractic on how she came to understand at 36 years old that she needed to change the trajectory of her life path and empower herself and her health, her kids health and that of many more so that she and others can be free to become the person we each were born to be. And why health and wellness care is not a one size fits all approach–that the complexity of our being invites her to consider a much larger picture of what supports health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. “”We were born perfect. The journey to healing starts with coming to the understanding and acceptance that we are divine spiritual beings having a human experience. The process starts with being empowered to transform your bodies in order to manifest your optimal path.”” Join us and discover a larger perspective around the wellness journey than you may have before on Exploring Sovereignty with Elizabeth! Dr. Erika Way is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition, Advanced QNRT Practitioner and Founding Member / Teacher the Community for Higher Consciousness & School for Higher Consciousness