Ep. 6: Why Mandates Matter with Lucia Sinatra cofounder of No College Mandates

In this Episode of Exploring Sovereignty with Elizabeth, Guest Cohost Sharon Crowley from Om Center of Healing speak with Lucia Sinatra, Co-Founder of No College Mandates , a retired attorney, and long-time special education advocate, who in March of 2021 began to ask questions of the authorities enforcing Covid 19 Mandates to explore what was behind the mandates when the data she was diving into did not match what was being asked of many, especially our young people and kids. She talks about her brave decision to not remain anonymous in the face of incredible opposition. Lucia’s journey through medical freedom to protect bodily autonomy leads her into conversations with people of all backgrounds, beliefs, perspectives, to work together to make change, regain freedoms and create sovereignty. She is clear to explain she is anti mandate and why, but not anti vaccines. She is pro-choice and pro-information so people can make an informed consent decision for themselves after doing a risk benefit analysis based on full transparent information. Lucia explains that the echo of safe and effective for many was actually quite dangerous and destructive. She leaves the listener with many inventions and pathways they can consider joining if inspired to create change no matter their age–after all, having choice matters, especially during this season of sending our young adults off to college and our children back into a new school year.

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