Wall Of Power Radio Hour – January 9, 2016

Paul Metsa interviews Peter Frampton’s touring keyboardist and guitar player (and a former member of the Paul Metsa Group)Rob Arthur who was in town visiting friends and relatives. Rob lives in Los Angeles when he is not on the road with Peter Frampton. Paul and Rob chatted about Rob’s musical background, growing up in Anoka, MN and spending his formative years on the rock and roll bar circuit. Rob started his own studio recording commercials and jingles in Minneapolis, and left for New York City where he eventually fell in with musicians like David Letterman’s band bassist Will Lee. Rob then moved to Los Angeles and talked about his amazing career meeting and playing with many of his heroes’ and touring with Black Sabbath, the Doobie Brothers, and more. Paul and Rob then played a tune live in the studio together. Rob is one of the nicest guys in the music biz, which is readily apparent in this interview.