Wall of Power Radio Hour – December 12, 2015

I recorded the most fascinating interview yesterday with Ms. Beverly Oliver, known as the “Babushka Lady” in JFK Conspiracy circles. She worked as a singer in the early 60’s at the Colony Club in Dallas a few doors down from Jack Ruby’s Carousel Club as a singer (that she sang a few bars of Sunny Side of the Street over the phone couldn’t have been more perfect!) She knew Jack Ruby personally and told stories of how Mr. Ruby was a generous benefactor to children’s hospitals and Veterans Clubs, especially around Christmas. She purports to have filmed the JFK motorcade and assassination and then had her camera and film confiscated by two guys who said they were with the FBI, never to be seen again. I want to thank my friend Sherwin Linton who hooked us up, and will give a few more details over the coming days (I have no reason to disbelieve her, and her friendship with Jack Ruby is without question.) A personal favorite I might add, spooky as hell in a way.