Wall of Power Radio Hour – April 23, 2016

This is a replay of a show we recorded in June of 2014 celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the movie Purple Rain. We ran it as a tribute to Prince, who had passed just a few days earlier. It features Pepe Willie, the man who discovered Prince (we also play a bit of a track that features a young Prince from Pepe’s band E 94.)Then we interview Chris Moon on the phone from Florida. Chris gave the keys to his studio where Prince started to learn his studio chops, and tells us about working with him, convincing him to use his first name (Prince wanted to call himself Mr. Nelson) and co-writing Prince’s first big hit Soft and Wet. We also had Matt Fink, Prince’s original keyboard player in The Revolution. Matt tells us about the early days of Prince, opening for the Rolling Stones, and more. Matt and I ended the show playing an acoustic instrumental version of Purple Rain.