Wall Of Power Radio Hour – April 16, 2016

This is a replay of a show we broadcast in the Fall of 2015 that previewed the upcoming reunion of legendary jazz group Rio Nido. Rio Nido formed in 1977 and the original trio featured vocalist Prudence Johnson, guitarist Tom Lieberman, and guitarist Tim Sparks (our in studio guest for the show.) Tim Sparks is considered one of the finest steel string acoustic guitarists in the world. He brought along his guitar and played some great stuff and told us the history of Rio Nido, a group that specialized in intricate 3 part “vocalese” harmonies. Sparks is brilliant, funny, and has a beautiful worldview that he shares with us. We chose this show as a rerun, as Merle Haggard just had passed away, and Tim opens the show with a snippet of his arrangement of Haggard’s great tune Mama Tried.