Wall of Power – March 19, 2016

Paul Metsa’s Wall of Power Radio Hour – March 19, 2016-Paul Metsa interviews legendary Twin Cities musician Lonnie Knight. Lonnie started playing guitar in the early 1960’s after his folks bought him a guitar from a door to door salesman. His first band the Rave-On’s recorded a song called in the mid-60’s that we play a snippet of on the show. Lonnie went on to play with power trio Joker’s Wild and reinvented himself as an acoustic singer-songwriter in the early ’70’s and was on staff at Sound 80 studios in Mpls. while playing throughout the country as a solo act. Over the years Lonnie has released several records (some of which are now licensed in Asia and Japan) and became a sought after guitarist and producer. Lonnie talks about his career, his sobriety, and his current projects and also plays a couple of tunes live in the studio.