Wall of Power – January 2, 2016

Paul Metsa interviews legendary sound man and rock and roll philosopher Monty Lee Wilkes. Monty got his interest in sound when his father Howie Wilkes (who band Milkbone is heard on the show) took him to a Grateful Dead concert in the early ’70’s. From there, he started working mixing sound and doing roadie work for his dad’s band and then ended up in the early 80’s in the Duluth, MN rock and roll scene. He was invited to mix and work with Johnny Rey and the Reaction in Minneapolis, moved to the Twin Cities, and started a career that saw him working with the Replacements, Nirvana, the DB’s, the B-52’s and then onto worldwide tours with Britney Spears, Carrie Underwood, Jessica Simpson, and currently Mpls. cover band supreme Hairball. Monty talks with great humor about the ups and downs of rock and roll, and about his recent diagnosis with cancer. A true survivior, and one that doesn’t suffer fools gladly and also has a scabrous sense of humor, this is one of Paul’s favorite guys in town, which is why the Wall of Power Radio Hour kicked off 2016 with this show!