Seeq-ing A Better Protein

Meet Ben Zaver and Hannah Perez of SEEQ, a local supplier of a high-quality protein drink that drinks more like a clear juice rather than a creamy shake. Zaver takes us through his journey of starting the business and the growing pains they have experienced, and Perez shares the marketing strategy that has helped them fully sell out their stock, before it is even delivered! To learn more about SEEQ and to place an order, visit You will also meet Travis Barvke, Chief Strategy and Operating Officer at Choice Bank. Barkve shares about a new initiative called #PeopleFirst Pantry, which provides food free of charge for the community. Inspired by the Free Little Pantry movement, #PeopleFirst Pantries are a community-driven solution to make food available to families and individuals who may not be able to meet their everyday food and personal needs. Whether it is a need for food or a need to give, these pantries will help feed neighbors and nourish neighborhoods. To learn more and to make a donation, visit