Ep. 13: Our Greatest Adventure is to Go Within

Join Elizabeth & Guest Cohost Nancy Clairmont Carr as they explore soveregnty and ways one can consiocusly choose a more abundant, joyfilled, optimal life path by using their intuition, consciously choosing sovereignty, and shifting out of fear paradigms. Explore how trauma masks talent, and why sometimes we need to step off the well worn path to find our authenticity and freedom. Nancy Clairmont Carr is the founder and president of The Joy-Effect. As a transformation expert who coaches leaders to grow their business, life, and impact through higher consciousness and other conscious leadership principles, Nancy thrives on supporting clients tapping into their internal guidance system to create their optimal future path. NancyClairmontCarr.com Curious to listen to more about Nancy Clairmont Carr on Exploring Sovereignty with Elizabeth tune into Episode #11