Ep. 1: How Exploring Sovereignty with Elizabeth came to be and why–plus some fun exploration with Kelly Wagner and Maureen Higgins

Exploring Sovereignty with Elizabeth opens its first episode with Guest Cohost Kelly Wagner from Being Curious, The Edge Magazine and Community for Higher Consciousness as she interviews Elizabeth Sullivan your host for Exploring Sovereignty with Elizabeth. Together they dive into her why for this platform, who she is, and how it came to be. As the conversation opens Elizabeth and Kelly explore what some of the hopes are for this growing community of listeners, speakers and explorers. Together they traverse why it’s important to remain in connection and conversation with a diversity of thinkers who are heart centered, curious and conscious to step deeper into our authenticity and for our brilliance to shine bright. Why sovereignty and higher consciousness often go hand in hand, and glimpses into what you might come to expect from the show–tools to support your own pathway to freedom with a mini guided relaxation shared by Elizabeth, and a glimpse of guests that are committed to their journey into sovereignty with Maureen Higgins who shares messages on Sovereignty for the collective, for Elizabeth and for Kelly and the three of them. Maureen Higgins for over 25 years works with trauma and recovery using alternative healing modalities including energy work and guided imagery. The healing tools have evolved over time but the intention has always remained the same. The added piece is she now works with many topics for self growth and has added coaching to her practice. Over the span of her work she’s developed the healing modalities available to learn through the School for Higher Consciousness. Exploring Sovereignty leaves the listener with ways to explore their own sovereignty and pathway to freedom since everyone’s journey is unique, ways one can advocate, and step further into sovereignty. Join us as we open this ongoing conversation to explore sovereignty through a wide range of people and what they are paying attention toward in the world. For when we all shine our brightest, the world is better for it!

More at:

Elizabeth Sullivan www.somasoulsovereignty.com

Kelly Wagner edgemagazine.net

Maureen Higgins Wings of Freedom https://www.wingsoffreedom.com/