Ep. 47: Kathryn Robb From ChildhoodUSAdvocacy and Tim Ballard from Lean on G discuss Sovereignty, Truth and Advocacy

***Trigger Warning: Medical and Religious Sexual Abuse is discussed along with the advocacy to try and stop it.***

Kathryn Robb, is the Executive Director of CHILD USAdvocacy, a survivor, Attorney, and a national expert on child protection legislation, 20 years of experience and also a mom to 5 kids herself shares her own path to advocacy and sovereignty sharing personal stories that led her to the work she does nationally and internationally. Kathryn shares, “The light of truth. Truth is heaviest when you run from it or cover it up. But when you embrace truth, it becomes lighter in weight, and it becomes an instrument of light and guidance. I am not sure I will ever be fully free because, in many ways, that little girl Kathryn still lives in me as she must. She is the beacon, the lighthouse, as I make my way – personally and professionally. I want to shine a light on common sense reasons to pass strong laws and policies that protect children and honor justice.” She offers Child protection legislative change services so that surviviors have a voice and pathway to hold accountability so abuse can cease. Tim Ballard uses his business undergrad and corporate finance/options trader currently a real estate investor for the last 10 years. Tim uses his masters in teaching and teaching experience to guide individuals in making sound real estate/financial investments an educator, real estate. Tim shares, “Continuing on the path toward freedom for me looks like daily meditation, a dedicated workout, Al-anon/sobriety, individual therapy and a very supportive family. Painful untangling of growing up in an alcoholic household combined with clerical abuse in my early 20s forced me to go to a very deep, dark place that represented a lot of pain and trauma. Only through that though have I been able to shine a brighter light for myself, my family and my community on ways to channel my own trauma and abuse into something much more powerful. The ability to survive and thrive in life with my family and my investment career through constant self reflection, examining my own unconscious beliefs and trying to continuously wake up to freedom and wholeness which lies beyond trauma. And how Just a deeper respect for good active listening matters in times of healing.” To learn more about each visit: www.childusadvocacy.org