Ep. 4: Be a Quitter and Support Your Sovereign Nature

In this episode of On Exploring Sovereignty with Elizabeth and with Joan Steffend explains why quitting college and stepping out of paradigms designed to keep us within a structure might be the kindest thing we can do for our authenticity during the season of graduation. Listen into this week’s Exploring Sovereignty with Elizabeth –to discover how being a quitter, knowing yourself and loving yourself just might lead you into greater freedom and authentic self connection within and without. Joan Steffend is a dreamer. She has had dreams fulfilled; raising two daughters, being married to a great guy and working for years on local and national TV and radio, but the grandest dream is one of inner peace and connection to a kinder world. That dream led her to co-found “peace begins with me” (a small big peace project) and to write “peace in peace out”. Joan is also the author of “…and she sparkled”, a book that invites us to love ourselves just as we are. Elizabeth is a seeker of joy and connection that leads us into freedom, authenticity, and our deepest gifts being shared for the benefit of many. Together Elizabeth and Joan explore why quitting matters on the journey to know thyself and love self and others. https://www.joansteffend.com