Ep. 5: Higher Consciousness & Sovereignty with Maureen Higgins from Wings of Freedom

Elizabeth and guest Cohost, Kelly Wagner, have a conversation with c. For over 25 years Maureen has worked with people to support their self-growth, healing trauma, and living a vibrant life! She shares how her work has evolved, while her intention remains the same to support people being divine beings in human form, and how she’s developed the healing modalities she trains practitioners in. We get a glimpse into string theory, how the Higher Self and aspects of our own soul can help us heal, energy work, and how she began The School for Higher Consciousness–knowledge for a new era so that many may benefit. Maureen has many energy healing audios to support people on their transformative journeys to remember they are divine beings in human form. Join us as we explore why inner freedom matters and how higher consciousness and sovereignty support you becoming free.

Maureen Higgins Wings of Freedom

Elizabeth Sullivan

Kelly Wagner