Good Oral Health the Natural Way with Dr. Amy Truong – November 15, 2020

Meet Dr. Amy Truong of Pure Dental in Oakdale, the first accredited member of the International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology in Minnesota and certified to perform safe amalgam mercury removal of fillings. Dr. Truong discusses the various services she provides to patients in a natural and holistic way and the COVID precautions that she is following. She also shares the high volume suction technique, using charcoal toothpaste and making one’s own natural toothpaste, as well as the importance of our diet in the maintenance of good oral health. Learn the easy recipe to make bone broth, which is rich in calcium and great for teeth as well as how to avoid the hidden sugars in food. Dr. Truong also talks about some great supplements for good oral health, the significance of saltwater, and the concept of coconut oil pulling. To learn more, visit