Ep. 7: Exploring Sovereignty – Part 1 of Journey to being an Accidental Advocate with Kim Witczak

*Trigger warning for this show– sensitive topics like suicide will be discussed. Kim Witczak the accidental advocate and co-founder of Woody Matters non profit joins this episode of Exploring Sovereignty with Elizabeth to unpack her journey toward sovereignty when she asks the question of why her husband, Woody, took his own life five weeks after starting a sample pack of Zoloft to address his sleeping difficulties. Her courage through her grief brings her through the process of a lawsuit with Pfizer that releases documents that Woody’s death is not an isolated event nor were his symptoms and led to her advocacy with the FDA and other regulatory agencies, the creation of the black box warning on antidepressants which is only the tip of the iceberg–all to make change so Woody and others deaths are not in vain while raising the collective consciousness that a pill is not always the answer and why the fine print matters. Kim’s expertise in the advertising world makes her an astute advocate for how pharmaceuticals, western medicine, and advertisement work to create a dangerous cocktail of medicine. Kim and Exploring Sovereignty with Elizabeth are pro transparency, pro information and pro risk benefit analysis. Twitter: @woodymatters Website: www.kimwitczak.com Substack: https://acceptablecollateraldamage.substack.com