Twin Cities Pride Amplified

Twin Cities Pride Amplified

Saturdays 3-4 PM

Twin Cities Pride Amplified
Twin Cities Pride Amplified
Twin Cities Pride

Twin Cities Pride Amplified is a program dedicated to all things LGBTQIA+ community, both here in the Twin Cities area, and beyond. Hosted by TC Pride’s Executive Director Andi Otto and Executive Assistant Rina Heisel, no topic is off limits as we discuss queer rights, culture, health, and events taking place around the metro area. Pride is more than just a weekend in June; the LGBTQIA+ community deserves celebration, elevation, and support all year, so tune in to stay up-to-date on the latest community and TC Pride news. Allies are always encouraged to tune in!

Twin Cities Pride Amplified – June 8, 2024 with Guest Carly Knox

Hosts Andi Otto and Rina Heisel are joined by Minnesota Lynx President of Business Operations, Carley Knox.

Twin Cities Pride Amplified – 6/1/24

Join us this Saturday at 3pm as we visit with Kelsey Alto, our Director of Programming. Kelsey will tell us all about the great programming coming up in June to celebrate Pride Month! From Cheers to Pride, Family Fun Day, and a youth night—there’s more to do than just the festival.

Twin Cities Pride Amplified – May 25, 2024

Hosts Andi Otto and Rina Heisel are joined Maddy Loch, program coordinator for Twin Cities Pride!

Twin Cities Pride Amplified with M Health Fairview

Join us as we meet a few team members from M Health Fairview, and we’ll hear how M Health Fairview is leading the way for equitable health care in Minnesota. From creating a welcoming atmosphere for all patients, the benefits of workplace ERGs, and why it’s important to have a presence at our Pride festival.

Rainbow Health and Executive Director, Jeremy Hanson Willis

Join us as we get to know Jeremy Hanson Willis, Executive Director of Rainbow Health. Rainbow Health is doing an amazing amount of work here in the Twin Cities trying to make health care more accessible to all, from helping folks navigate the health care system, providing mental health care, working to end HIV, and…

Queen on the Scene, Quinn Kathner-Tucker

Join us as we get to know Quinn Kathner-Tucker, owner of Queen on the Scene. We will be talking about how Queen on the Scene was actually started because of an experience that the owner had at Twin Cities Pride. And from there, why it’s a good idea to include vendors at Pride festivals who…

Episode 17: Meet TC Pride Volunteer Manager, Anne Kraus

Join us as we get to know Anne Kraus, Volunteer Coordinator at Twin Cities PRIDE. Learn why our volunteers are so important to our mission. We will be discussing the different ways you can step up and support the community by volunteering, why volunteering is so important, and even some great perks you never thought…

Episode 16: Zaylore Stout & How Woke are You?

Join us as we welcome back to the program, attorney and author Zaylore Stout. We’re going to visit with Zaylore about a presentation he’s been delivering across the country titled, How Woke Are You? It’s been getting quite the reception, and we’re going to talk all about it.

Episode 15 of Twin Cities Pride Amplified: Julie Daffyd

Join us this Saturday at 3pm as we get to know Julie Daffyd, a legend in the Twin Cities LGBTQ+ community. Julie not only attended the very first Pride here in Minnesota, but she has also been a long-time volunteer. Julie is also a Minnesota transgender pioneer and will share a bit about that experience…

Episode 14 of Twin Cities Pride Amplified: Stonewall Sports

Join us as we talk to Suzanne Blum Grundyson and Eric Cottrell from Stonewall Sports Twin Cities. We’ll talk about what Stonewall Sports has been up to, like their tournament coming up here in the Twin Cities, and also how to get involved even if you have never played a sport before. And why staying…