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A local, interview-driven program focused on the daily news cycle and hosted by established Twin Cities journalist Mike McIntee. Weekdays at 4pm.

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The Mike McIntee Show – May 2, 2018

Mike speaks with Rep. John Lesch about the anti-protestor being proposed by the MN GOP House, the omnibus bill, and other legislative issues. Also Sally Hardin of the Center for American Progress talks about why Scott Pruitt has not been fired yet and how much his corruption has cost taxpayers.

The Mike McIntee Show – May 18, 2018

The Mike McIntee Show – May 17, 2018

The Mike McIntee Show – May 15, 2018

Tim Duff joins the program to talk about the city of Excelsior blocking an anti-gun rally. Mike talks about where the Governor candidates stand before the upcoming conventions. Tim Pawlenty will not show up to the GOP convention in Duluth. Rebecca Otto gets the Progressive Caucus endorsement. SCIU endorses Erin Murphy… Maybe? Jessica Treat joins…

The Mike McIntee Show – May 14, 2018

Mike speaks with Tim Maier of Talk Media News about the US embassy in Israel, North Korea, and other national news topics. Then what do you think about legalized sports gambling. And Mike speaks with Nicole Smith-Holt, who lost her son last year when he was unable to afford his insulin, about big pharma and…

The Mike McIntee Show – May 11, 2018

Mike speaks with Jack Rice about Minnesota politics and how the 2018 elections are shaping up. Also a conversation with Mondo Davison, a St. Paul man who invented an app that helps record video from multiple perspectives during police incidents.

The Mike McIntee Show – May 10, 2018

The Mike McIntee Show – May 9, 2018

Mike speaks with John Nichols of the Nation about some good news regarding undoing gerrymandering and the bad news about Iran nuclear deal. Also Kevin Feathery talks about what to expect during the last 12 days of the legislative session.

The Mike McIntee Show – May 8, 2018

The Mike McIntee Show – May 7, 2018

Mike speaks with Doug Christian of Talk Media News about Rudy Giuliani’s impact on Trump’s legal team, West Virginia senate candidate Don Blankenship, and other national news. Then Senta Leff, executive director of Minnesota Coalition for the Homeless/ co-chair of the Homes for All campaign talks about issues with the housing bill being proposed at…