New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Saturdays 11AM-12PM

New Beginnings focuses on Baby Boomers and those who care for them. You’ll find that Boomer needs are not all that different from everyone else's. The difference is that there are 78 million Baby Boomers in America! Host Freddie Bell and key partner Joe McKenzie, the principle of Ripple Connects, visit with guests with insights on housing, finance, fitness, employment, and entertainment.

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50 over 50 Nominations

In addition to Freddie Bell’s Words to the Wise, we’ll listen to Dr. Nathan Chomilo on a Medicare report he helped author; Kate Schaefers of AARP MN stops by to talk about this year’s 50 over 50 Nominations and the Rev. James Stacey, Senior Minister, Unity South Twin Cities delivers a holiday message. To order…

Easter Weekend

On this Easter Weekend, James Stacey the Senior Minister of Unity South Twin Cities shares thoughts about this observance. Liebel Sternbach is with us sharing details on retirement planning. Joe McKenzie of Ripple Connects brings forward ideas on controlling what we can with regard to your career. Jay Haapla, of AARP MN stops by and…

Social Security Benefits

Freddie Bell discusses Social Security Benefits with Rhonda Whitenak for the Social Security Office. A Minneapolis Public School official stops to share career information as Joe McKenzie talks about the challenges of changing careers. Freddie shares this week’s Words to the Wise. You can order his new book, Words to the Wise here and at…

How to Keep Money in Your Pocket

Liebel Sternbach gives us ideas on how to keep more money in our pockets. Freddie Bell shares tech updates and Cassie Crandell follows that up with Lifestyle tips. Joe McKenzie stops in to share how we can energize our career search. Freddie shares today’s Words to the Wise. You can own a copy of Freddie…

COVID Storm Still Not Over

Epidemiologist, Dr. Michael Osterholm says while the Covid-19 virus is quieting, the storm still isn’t over. Joe McKenzie, shares instructions on detailing your career story. We have Lifestyle updates come from Cassie Crandall and Freddie Bell shares today’s Words to the Wise. His new book is available online at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and

Top Ten Signs of Heart Disease

Freddie Bell concludes his discussion on the top ten signs of Heart Disease. Elizabeth Ebot, Vaccine Equity Director for the Minnesota Department of Health says it’s important to stay vigilant even though many mask restrictions have been relaxed. Joe McKenzie examines the role relationships have in building a career. A huge food distribution is taking…

Inflation and Interest Rates

Cathy McCleer, State Director, AARP MN talks about high quality care for front-line workers. Leibel Sternbach stops by to analyze inflation and interest rates. Co-host Joe McKenzie is with us this week too. He shares sage advice on maximizing your career. Freddie Bell gives an update on news events from this past week and Words…

Omicron Variant in Retreat

The Omicron Variant is in retreat and Elizabeth Ebot, Vaccine Equity Director, Minnesota Department of Health, has details. Joe McKenzie talks about the discerning job seeker and Freddie Bell shares this week’s Words to the Wise from his new book of the same name. Your copy is available at,, or

Valuing Small Wins

Co- host Joe McKenzie talks about the value of small wins in your career search. Jay Haapala, Associate Director for Community Engagement for AARP Minnesota shares details of Community Grants. Freddie Bell shares a conversation with a photographer who has given up on digital photography. Financial expert Liebel Sternback stops by and Freddie shares this…

Words to the Wise/Upcoming Vaccine Clinic

Freddie Bell shares encouraging news in the fight against COVID-19 by looking at the state of Vermont. Kitty Harris, Property Manager of the Cora McCorvey Health and Wellness Center, has details about an upcoming Vaccination Clinic. Co-host Joe McKenzie stops in to talk about what to do if you find yourself at the crossroads of…