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New Beginnings

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New Beginnings focuses on Baby Boomers and those who care for them. You’ll find that Boomer needs are not all that different from everyone else's. The difference is that there are 78 million Baby Boomers in America! Host Freddie Bell and key partner Joe McKenzie, the principle of Ripple Connects, visit with guests with insights on housing, finance, fitness, employment, and entertainment.

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Vaccines and Springtime

As Springtime is upon us, and Epidemiologist Michael Osterholm tells Freddie Bell there could be darker days ahead. Property Manager Kitty Harris from the Cora McCorvey health and Wellness Center talks about the vaccination activity at her property. Joe McKenzie continues a discussion about unearthing the Hidden Job Market.

Improving Vaccine Access

Dr. Nathan Chomilo, the new Vaccine Equity Director for the State of Minnesota talks with Freddie Bell about improving access for Minnesotans. New Beginnings Co-Host Joe McKenzie shares details concerning the hidden job market. Special thanks to the Cora MCCorvey Health and Wellness Center, AARP MN, and Unity South Twin Cities.

Relieving Stress During Difficult Times

Elizabeth, Vaccine Outreach Director for Minnesota’s Vaccine Response Team shares the benefits of having received the COVID-19 vaccine. Co-host Joe McKenzie shares tips for relieving stress during difficult times. We also thank our partners from AARP Twin Cities, the Cora McCorvey Health and Wellness Center and Unity South Twin Cities.

Self-Marketing Your Outstanding Differences

Minnesota’s Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan highlights this week’s program as she gives you helpful advice on vaccines. In our career segment, co-host Joe McKenzie talks about self-marketing your outstanding differences.

Stand Out As a Job Candidate

Knowing what makes you stand out as a job candidate could be a key to your success. Joe McKenzie explains. The AARP MN supported Twin Cities Jazz Festival continues operating in the pandemic. This week, we learn more about Thursday Night Jazz. Listen for special contributions from Unity South Twin Cities, West Metro Hypnosis, and…

Career Transition

Rough days are ahead, Dr. Michael Osterholm’s warning, even as new vaccine’s come onto the scene. He is among the nation’s leading epidemiologists. Kitty Harris, Property Manager, Cora McCorvey Health and Wellness Center talks about inoculating seniors residing in the city’s public housing facilities. Joe McKenzie of Ripple Connects talks about career transition and preparing…

Pathways to a Second Career

Freddie Bell talks with Elizabeth Ebot, the Vaccine Outreach Director to Minnesota’s Covid Vaccine Response Team. We learn about the Vaccine Connector. Joe McKenzie of Ripple Connects shares various pathways to a second career. Special thanks to AARP Twin Cities, The Cora McCorvey Health and Wellness Center and Unity South Twin Cities.

Engaging Your Professional Network

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who has served as the Director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases since 1984, joins Freddie Bell on New Beginnings this week. Co-host Joe McKenize talks about engaging your professional network to enhance your career. It’s the start of tax time and Freddie has some important information. We acknowledge…

Health Insurance and Health Equity

New Beginnings welcomes Reneka Evans, who is the Lead COVID-19 Health Program Rep., Senior for the LGBTQ community. Reneka is currently working with the Minnesota Department of Health to close the gap between health injustice and health equity. Reneka’s goal is to fight tirelessly against COVID-19. Lynn Bahta is a public health nurse at the…

Fighting the Virus

Dr. Michael Osterholm, Epidemiologist, and former member of the President Elects Coronavirus Transition Taskforce talks with Freddie Bell about fighting the virus and the effectiveness of vaccines in select communities. Joe McKenzie of Ripple Connects shares why volunteering is more important now than ever.