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It's our daily repartee from 4-5 PM. What does repartee mean? Conversation or speech characterized by quick, witty comments or replies. It's progressive radio without the pledge drives or tote bags!

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Minnesota Progressive Repartee – 01.17.2020

Brett speaks with prof. David Schultz of Hamline University about political strategy for the upcoming Senate impeachment trial. Also Tabitha Montgomery of the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association talks about their upcoming Martin Luther King Day event.

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – 01.16.2020

The 4 PM show with Brett for Thursday, January 16, 2020

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – 01.15.2020

Brett is joined by Erik and Patrick today as he discusses the debate, education funding, health care, and the ongoing conversation of refugee resettlement in Minnesota. Blue State Ball is coming up fast on February 23 – stay tuned for information.

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – 01.14.2020

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – January 13, 2020

Brett Johnson along with Sam Turnberg and Patrick Lilja on today’s 4 PM show

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – 01.10.2020

On today’s show Brett is joined by Erik and Patrick discussing voter rights and voter fraud in Minnesota and nationally. Real ID and felon voting rights are also a topic today.

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – 01.09.2020

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – 01.08.2020

On today’s episode of the Minnesota Progressive Repartee, Brett hosts and Patrick tried his hand at production! Focusing mainly on the Iranian “situation”. What is Iran’s plan, what is America’s? Why would Iran want nuclear weapons? And in the final segment of the show we look at potential changes in Minnesota’s congressional districts.

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – 01.07.2020

On today’s episode of Minnesota Progressive Repartee, Brett Johnson hosts with Erik working the boards and phone lines. What does the future look like for Iranian/US relations. Was Soleimani a critical piece of the puzzle in controlling ISIS? What would an Iranian power vacuum look like? Later in the show Brett is joined by Larry…

Minnesota Progressive Repartee – January 6, 2020

Brett Johnson and Sam Turnberg on today’s 4 PM show