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Connections gives us the chance to examine a wider perspective that may just inspire us to DO something!

Engaging conversations will explore both the celebrations of living as well as the challenges we face—stories of who Twin Citians are, what we think about, and what we get out and “do” is the heart of our show. Woven into these stories may be possible innovative solutions, we may address our disconnects, find new ways of looking at our questions, or we may just take time to enjoy who we are and the wonderful ways we are connected. Our show is mostly Twin Cities based, although we do occasionally host national and international guests.

Thought leaders, artists, educators, nonprofit advocates, scientists, healthcare professionals, community organizers, politicians, business innovators . . . are just a sampling of the guests you may hear when listening to Connections Radio.

Listen in, join the conversation and “get connected”.

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The Roomate from Prime Productions – May 28, 2022

Connections Radio Show – May 14, 2022

Hosts Laurie and Rick are joined by Nurse Carol Engelhart, Event and Fundraising Coordinator for Healthcare for All Minnesota ( ). We delved into the inspiring, wide, and deep connections for improving the well being of one and all—and MN could be the turning point. Their 5/20 picnic is on AM 950’s site!

Connections Radio April 30 2022

  Hosts Laurie Beth Fitz and Rick Bernardo are joined by Scotty Herold—Rock the Cause CEO and Founder—and Kelsey McMahon, singer/songwriter (“Mousie”) and actress, as well as associate director, leading the Film, TV, Commercial License & Sync Division of Rock the Cause. We talk all things social justice and music—from the work with underserved youth…

Connections Radio – April 23, 2022

Laurie Fitz and Rick Bernardo discuss progressive religion and spirituality with guest Tom Esch, Chief Leadership Officer of Esch Consulting, LLC, in St. Paul, MN. Tom also performs in the role of Fr. Vito Incognido (in the spirit of Fr. Guido Sarducci).

Connections Radio April 9 – 2022

This week on Connections Radio, Laurie Fitz and Rick Bernardo are joined by Scott Herold, Founder and CEO of Rock the Cause Records. The episode introduces listeners to 4 new tracks from Scott’s Rock the Cause label, from artists who make a difference. Scott also speaks about the phenomenal work of High School for Recording…

Connections Radio Show – April 2, 2022

Laurie and Rick are joined by the Rev. Dean Seal, pastor of Shepherd of the Hill Presbyterian Church in Chaska.

Connections Radio Show – March 26, 2022

Connections Radio – March 12, 2022

Continuing the conversation on our personal journey of ethics during as the war continues in Ukraine, Laurie Fitz is joined by her guest Rick Bernardo to discuss why liars are listened to, how to find our voice – with the many voices in our head, and explore how the arts can support our journey to…

Connections Radio February 26 2022

In reacting to our global disasters, Laurie Fitz is joined by her guest Rick Bernardo to discuss ways to explore personal ethics, make connections and make a difference. Rick Bernardo is an ethicist, public health advocate, musician, actor, comedian and instructor of organizational leadership, business ethics and cyber-tech ethics at St. Mary’s University of Minnesota.…

Connections Radio Show – February 12, 2022

Laurie’s guest is Wray Cotterill, author of the new book Scream Queen.