Ep. 93: Carrie and Nicole from Pain Resolve Guru, Pain Resolution Therapists & Somatic Education

Carrie and Nicole from Pain Resolve Guru, Pain Resolution Therapists & Somatic Education Description: Join in the conversation as we unpack what pain is trying to tell us and how it can be the invitation to our freedom and healing pathway. Carrie and Nicole are certified IAYT SomaYoga Therapists and Somatics Educators who have specialized in working with clients in pain for over 14 years. And because of this we have lots of knowledge to share. You could also call us “pain geeks” because we are extremely passionate and inquisitive about all things related to what causes pain. We continue to explore the true mind-body connection and apply a handful of techniques to reset the nervous system in simple, yet powerful ways. Our specialty is bridging somatic neuromuscular re-education, yoga therapy, functional movement and mindfulness to bring freedom and joy to the lives of those we work with. We teach to professionals and individuals sharing our Method. We also happen to be amazing friends. Our passion together is contagious and, well, it just so happens that we have a little fun together along the way. Join our Mind Body Blueprint Program https://resolvepainguru.thinkific.com/ Most of our offerings are online where we have courses that are available to everyone. You can link to those from our website: www.resolvepainguru.com We are in Canada, where we offer in-person training. We just finished presenting at the Toronto Yoga Conference and we plan to be there next Spring and we do a 20 Hour SomaYoga Foundations Course in Ottawa, Canada every October. Again, you can find this information on our website www.resolvepainguru.thinkific.com Tune in and hear why going in matters, how the nervous system informs our healing, and life purpose passion can unlock deep joy!