Ep. 89 Samantha Moe, Certified Parent Coach & Speaker

Join us in this compassionate, fun, and raw conversation on parenting–we explore how we can courageously reparent ourselves and parent our humans with greater connection and less struggle. Samantha Moe is a certified parent coach and speaker. She has coached parents on how to help their children calm, connect, and cooperate since 2004. She now provides continuing education, advanced training, and parent coach certification for family service professionals who support intense kids and their families. Samantha is the creator of the Mad to Glad Blueprint, a revolutionary brain-and-nervous-system-based approach to positive communication and parenting that soothes and even prevents intense kids’ most challenging behaviors. She holds a Master’s degree in Communication Disorders from the University of Minnesota and has interdisciplinary training in sensory integration, play therapy, and emotional integration. To learn more about Samantha Moe and her opportunities to work together go to www.SamanthaMoe.com where she offers Parent Training: Mad to Glad Blueprint; and Professional Training: Mad to Glad Certified. Seek her out to work together if it aligns and inspires you in your own journey! For more resources enjoy these freebies: “How to Make it Better” Parent Workbook: https://samanthamoe.com/how-to-make-it-better/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=samanthamoeampassociates&utm_content=onetimepromo#sq_hexfq7om3e Free Guide: “Beneath the Behaviors” https://samanthamoe.com/beneath-the-behaviors-parents/