Ep. 77: Transformation of the Wounded Healer

Join Elizabeth, Dr. Erika from Beyond Wellness, Beyond Oxygen, and Beyond Chiropractic and Alex from Coyote Star Astrology as they discuss the soul’s journey in each incarnation and why our wounds are what sets us free and brings in the mastery of our soul’s learning. Also dive in with them as they discuss the current new energies coming onto the planet with the astrological new year this spring! A show you won’t want to miss as it will support you living well and navigating these eclipses and energetically charged times with greater inspiration, insight and understanding of self and others. To work with Alex go to CoyoteStarAstrology.com, to work with Dr. Erika go to BeyondOxygen.com, and to work with Elizabeth go to SomaSoulSovereignty.com