Ep. 75: Michele Rae, Founder of the Center Within

Michele Rae, founder of the Center Within, shares in this podcast that we are living in a New Era that is propelling us to our next level of serving, loving and living individually and collectively. This experiential personal professional transformation and facilitative leadership will result in your becoming a masterful agent of transformation for others. Michele Rae and her co-facilitators designed a transformational 6 month course that begins April 5, 2024 that is designed to elucidate the fundamental principles and mindset needed to help others transform their personal paradigms, as well as to help participants put those principles into practice. Michele offers one on one coaching, organizational development support, and her new class starting in April called Accelerate Your Full Potential: Advanced Coaching And Facilitative Leadership Competencies For The New Era. Michele shines a light on, as do many people, “I am keenly aware of the propaganda being fed through various sources locally, nationally, and globally encouraging people to polarize, divide, and focus on what you are against or hate. Why are people buying into such a radicalized way of thinking and behaving? Having courageous risky conversations is part of embodying and integrating sovereignty into our daily lives.” Tune in and learn why couragous converstaions matter in our new era of change and the mastermind course she’s created to support people being in their authentic sovereign state. You can also learn more about Michele Rae, her coaching and courses at Accelerate Your Full Potential: Advanced Coaching and Facilitative Leadership Competencies For The New Era The School for Higher Consciousness https://www.schoolforhigherconsciousness.com/advanced-coaching-and-facilitative-leadership Center Within https://www.centerwithin.com/being-human-for-certified-coaches/ A gift of a recorded meditation: A GUIDED MEDITATION TO YOUR CENTER WITHIN https://www.centerwithin.com/start-with-a-free-guided-meditation/