Ep. 69: SomaYoga Therapy & The Reflexes

Join Elizabeth on this episode as she shares an experience of SomaYoga Therapy as a gift to the community at Exploring Sovereignty with Elizabeth. Learn how this modality from Yoga North International SomaYoga Therapy Institute can support your soma–mind, mind, and spirit, being unified and becoming sovereign as we explore three common reflexes that we need to live in the world, but when held chronically cause our body, mind and spirit to experience pain and unease. Through a self guided practice somatics can nureomuscularly reeducate your brain, body, muscle and nervous system so that you can consiocusly, curiously, without increasing pain can return to a more neutral state of being. SomaYoga Therapy is the blend of somatics, yoga therapy, yoga and ayurveda and it invites us into our full potential. By using our sense-selfing, self-correcting somas we can consiocusly go into the contraction found in our unconscious reflexes, and lengthen out of the overdone reflex to return to our state of function, brilliance and potential. www.somasoulsovereignty.com Disclaimer–this is a self guided experience and the listener is invited to work within their range of motion without increasing pain–participate at your own desire and risk. It does not replace the 1-1 or small group therapeutic relationship that happens within SomaYoga Therapy session. Please refer to terms of service at SomaSoulSoverignty.com