Ep. 59: On Exploring Sovereignty with Elizabeth Sullivan & Sharon Crowley

Join Elizabeth and Regular Guest Cohost Sharon Crowley from the Om Center of Healing as they consider why sovereignty matters, how our conditioning and fears can get in the way of our ability to be free, authentic and living in joy and what we can do to transform and heal our triggers that keep us hindered and small with the ingredients of self love and self compassion. Elizabeth and Sharon’s conversation moves from how striving to A plus something was something they each needed to undo to really let their gifts shine, be vulnerable, and be able to laugh at themselves, and how Yoga, Ayurveda and Energy Healing have been important moments of self study, self healing and self realization for each of them. And, how important it is to have space and opportunity to hear and honor many perspectives at any point in time, all being valid and worthy of pondering and discussion as we heal and transform divisiveness that keeps us separated. There are many paths to the same point, what’s yours? Join the conversation and the exploration!