Ep. 42: Maureen Higgins & Lillian an Intuitive Consultant and PhD in Psychology Explore Sovereignty

Lillian is an inter-dimensional communicator, I am able to assist in identifying a person’s life purpose and soul’s mission. This often involves accessing information about past lifetimes that are particularly relevant to one’s current life situation. My professional (“corporate”) background includes over 25 years of corporate and consultancy experience and works with major corporations, advertising agencies and branding consultancies. I have served as an intuitive consultant and mentor for entrepreneurs, executives and business people across the spectrum. Fresh insights surrounding life transitions and shifts in beliefs and ideology have been invaluable to clients around the globe. Join Maureen and Elizabeth as they discuss with Lillian how she has discovered how blessings and synchronicities abound, guidance from the higher realms, amazing miracles from and through the “unseen world”, and truly how your health is in your hands.