Ep. 32: Ammada Tuy, co-founder of Light Codes Consulting & Design & Lynn Van, founder of Crystallynn

Want to manifest joy and purpose with your life path–these two dish about how they discovered their passions and shifted form a job to life purpose passion! Ammada’s skill set is quite diverse, blending technical proficiency with a keen business sense and a strong creative inclination. She excels in crafting the visual identity and atmosphere of a business, ensuring it resonates with its ideal clientele, fostering a harmonious and effortless connection. Ammada incorporates sacred geometry into her work to evoke a sense of profound power. She takes great pleasure in helping people manifest their deepest aspirations and uncover their purpose in this world. She possesses a keen eye for infusing elegance and beauty into everything she creates. For more inspiration https://www.lightcodes.studio Ammada encourages people to consider what their spark is?

Lynn is is a highly tuned energy healer, specializing in crystals, energy healing and intuitive check ins who supports higher consciousness and ascension of planet earth. She spends time in nature, meditation, and practicing mindfulness. Her focus is on spirituality, higher consciousness and crystals. She sells her crystals during live sales on Instagram and on her website www.crystallynn.co She encourages people to practice more mindfulness and self-awareness.

Listen and follow on your favorite podcast platform how these two friends manifested higher frequency and joy!