Ep. 26: Suzanna Newell with MN Team Humanity

Suzanna Newell from MN Team Humanity is bridging divisivness and healing humanity by bringing people together with empathy, connection and compassion. Suzanna’s spiritual growth and healing journey began 30 hours after taking her second dose of the Pfizer Covid Shot on April 13, 2021. She went from no underlying health conditions and doing triathlons and the MS 150 bike ride from Duluth to Minneapolis, plus a busy corporate job and family of teenagers to overnight being bed-bound and often in a wheelchair. “I spent years in Financial Services until my COVID vaccine injury and since, when I feel well enough, I advocate for support for the injured and a coming together of humanity to see each other’s suffering. I am trying to shine a light on the fact that all of us in the world have suffered in some way or another from the pandemic. And that we need to see each other’s suffering with compassion and empathy. There was and still is so much division regarding the covid shots. We spent so much time pointing fingers at each other as right or wrong. Having willingly taken the vcaccine and then having an adverse reaction, I can see clearly how pointing fingers and dividing was not going to help the world heal.” Hence MN Team Humanity a place where those who are injured and those who support the injured can come together in connection, compassion, curiosity, and communication. October is Vaccine Injury Awareness Month–reach out to someone you may know who’s been affected by it. Discover more at Suzanna Newell’s Substack: teamhumanity.substack.com Connect with us if you are injured or know someone who is and spread Team Humanity kindness and compassion.