Ep. 25: Guest Cohost Dr Erika Way and Elizabeth Explore QNRT

*Trigger warning for this show– sensitive topics like suicide will be mentioned on this episode.

Dr Erika Way returns as a guest cohost on Exploring Sovereignty with Elizabeth to explore what is a heart wall, miasms and how they connect to emotions and beliefs that keep us limited but are actually invitations to heal and step into freedom from past hurts. Dr. Erika explains how QNRT works, why it’s a powerful antidote to transforming patterns in the subconscious and conscious realms that inform our daily life. Inviting the community of listeners to use the power of their intention to heal since everyone’s pathway to wellness is uniquely inspired to support their full potential. Join in! Dr. Erika Way is a Doctor of Chiropractic, Diplomate in Clinical Nutrition, Advanced QNRT Practitioner and Founding Member / Teacher the Community for Higher Consciousness & School for Higher Consiousness Interested in learning more www.beyondchiropractic.com