Ep. 19: Self Awareness & Sovereignty with Dr. Sara Whitcomb from UMass Amherst

Dr. Sara Whitcomb is a licensed psychologist and directs the school psychology doctoral program at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. She was formerly a public school teacher in general and special education, and her passion is focused on creating mentally healthy learning environments for children. She learned this personally and professionally and realizes that this need is ever more pertinent in today’s post pandemic climate.

At the core of Dr. Whitcomb’s work is the concept of self-awareness, and helping children early in their lives to learn how to build that awareness of their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. She believes that developing relationships with others (e.g., teachers-students, students-students, parents-teachers) must be intentional. And that self-awareness and relationship skills are not enough, we also must develop environments that are consistent and predictable, to help others feel safe and free to be themselves.

Her most recent book, “Bolstering Student Resilience: Creating a Classroom with Consistency, Connection, and Compassion,” co-authored by her colleague, Jason Harlacher, Ph.D.focuses on these factors. Tune in to learn a simple way you can build self-awareness with yourself and your young people.

If you are curious to learn more about Dr. Sara Whitcomb’s work go to: umasssmilelab.wixsite.com/smile